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Polytron Technologies, Inc.

  Welcome to Polytron Technologies, Inc., the leading worldwide manufacturer of electronic and optical vision glass. We supply creative and unique electronic and optical vision glass products to designers, high-end home/office decorating companies, and furniture manufacturers…etc. Our marketing network spans to over 68 countries. We are dedicated to supplying our designing/manufacturing clients brand-new and unique product materials that will exceed their expectations. Our product lines are quite versatile, thus compatible with all sorts of design concepts. Polytron is a specialty, architectural glass company, supplying high quality Polyvision™ Privacy Glass (switchable glass, Polyvision™ Film), POLYMAGIC™ LED Glass (LED glass, LED film), Polyholo™ Glass (holographic glass, Polyholo™ film), Polyflush™ Glass (Polyflush™ Film), PolyGlow™ Glass (PolyGlow™ Film), Polyscreen™ Glass (Polyscreen™ films),Polyrainbow™ Glass (Polyrainbow™ films), Polytouch™Frame, Polyheat™ Glass, Polydigit™ Glass, Polydisplay™ Glass and more.


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